lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Geology RAP

 ¡Cómo se lo curra la profe!

Geology Its the study of rocks
Mrs. Harveylicious gonna rock yo socks
With the knowledge of the earth and its forms
I know yo brains are thirsty, so get ready for the storm

Its called the rock cycle and it goes round and round
Consider it a geologic merry-go-round
So hop on, cause this ride aint whack
And Ill take you to the middle of the earth and back

It starts with a rock getting weathered and eroded
They get eaten away like iron thats corroded
Wind, water, ice, and sulfuric acid rain
These can all reduce a rock to itty bitty grains

Called sediments, like dust in the wind
When their transportation stops, deposition can begin
Then pressure starts to build from the bottom to the top
Cementation and compaction form a sedimentary rock

Layers upon layers
We be findin bones and shells in dem layers
But when those layers get pushed down in the mantle
The heat and pressure that results is far too great to handle

Oh snap, wheres my sedimentary rock?
My sedimentary rock is now a metamorphic rock
Over years and years the rock is slowly changed
The molecular structure of the rocks is rearranged

As the metamorphic rock moves closer to the core
It flows into the magma and melts more and more
Cooling, crystallizing to an igneous rock
If you touch it while its cooling, you best drop it like its hawwwt!

The rock cycle (X4)

Fo sheezy, minerals be off da heezy
They dont ride the rock cycle, it makes em queasy
Minerals are found in rocks, sometimes shiny
Their crystals can be huge but they can also be tiny

Minerals are classified in many ways
By color, luster, hardness and the way they break
Yes, its true they can fracture like a bone
They can also cleave off into perfect little clones

Individual minerals have different color streaks
When you rub it on plate, it leaves a powder thats unique
Then theres hardness, it has its own scale
Developed by some dude named Moh, it cannot fail

It goes 1-10, with Talc at number 1
And Diamonds a 10 cuz its really hard to cut
Dont be knockin minerals cause ice is money
And guys, you know that minerals can help you get a honey!

Geology (x4)

Last but not least, is plate tectonics
Our planets crust is a little histrionic
There once was a time when the land was all combined
Into a super-continent called Pangaea, oh my!

Here comes a theory called continental drift
Pangaea broke apart cuz the plates began to shift
Shiftings what they do day in and day out
So volcanoes erupt to let all da stress out

Earthquakes can occur when tectonic plates collide
They can move apart, move together or side by side
I bet you didnt think that geology was tight
If you stay in school and learn your rocks, I know youll be aww-ight!

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